The Problem

Radio stations across the globe have been facing a common problem. RDS (or RBDS in the US) encoded FM radio signals are easy to create, but getting the content generated by software automation systems to reliably show up at transmitter sites is a real challenge. Most transmitter sites are not located at the same place as the studio, making it difficult to display the current playing song and artist on these systems.

The Solution

Introducing Stream2Text, the cutting-edge software designed to solve this problem by listening to your station's internet stream and instantly displaying the artist and song title in their own text file. Broadcast strength ensures compatibility with any AM, FM, or other projects where your song title and artist need to be displayed on billboards, signs, or TV/video screens. Stream2Text works seamlessly with Stereo Tool and any RDS/RBDS software or hardware where a text file can be read.

Affordable and Reliable

License Type Price Valid For
Single Computer License $49.99 (US) Lifetime

This affordable pricing is perfect for small stations as well as entire radio groups with hundreds of stations. With Stream2Text, your title & artist display can be as reliable as your radio broadcast.

Why Choose Stream2Text?

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Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your radio station's RDS/RBDS text display. Purchase Stream2Text now and experience the reliability, compatibility, and affordability that only our software can provide.